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Fly-Xperience offers a unique flying adventure for children and adults with various disabilities. Our paragliding jump center is fully equipped with the necessary gear to give you a unique fly experience on a wheelchair.

We provide “flight carts” that are specially designed to allow smooth takeoffs and landings on wheels. Depending on your level of disability, you can fly with standard equipment and just be helped by two assistants.

Cold and wind are to be regarded for passengers sensitive to cold. Bring warm clothes, a hat, gloves, heaters, and blankets (anything appropriate for the season).


Technical Aids


Flying with a standard seat

We mostly fly with standard hardware. Two assistants help you during takeoff and accompany you.

Flying with a trolley

We use a flight trolley for easy access, takeoff maneuvers, and greater passenger comfort.


All people whose condition require medical care and who want to practice this activity can easily do so by presenting medical certificate of “non-cons.”

To register please complete the form “below”


Flight Price: CHF 170.-/pers.
LHiring a carriage: CHF 40.-/pers.
Film and Photos: CHF 40.-/pers.

Form for paragliding flights for disabled people

Passenger name : (mandatory)

Surname of passenger: (mandatory)

Age : (mandatory)

Passenger Weight Kg: (mandatory)

Size: (mandatory)

Your email (mandatory)

Disability Description(mandatory)

No medical advice against it with the doctor buffer:
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Desired dates: (mandatory)

 Flight prices : CHF 170 .-/pers.

 Using Flight armchair: CHF 40.-/pers.

 Film and Photos : CHF 40.-/pers.

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