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Can I fly if I suffer from dizziness?

You won’t feel dizzy because there is no direct link with the ground. Your inner ear will remain consistent with the environment and no unpleasant sensation will disturb your fun!

How should I equip myself?

We advise you to come equipped as if you’re going on a mountain hike: trousers, jacket, sneakers and sunglasses.
Your camera can be part of your equipment too. If the temperatures are above 30 ° C you can come in shorts if you wish.

What are the basic steps I should know about paragliding?

You should arrive 15 minutes before your flight. A shuttle bus will drive you to the jump site, usually located at Sonchaux above Montreux.
It is important to note that contrary to skydiving or bungee jumping we do not “jump” into the open! Paragliding is a glider that, along with your help, will take off.
A briefing will be made by the pilot to explain the actions you have to perform. These differ slightly depending on wind conditions. Do not worry, there is nothing complicated!
After you have been equipped and securely attached in front of him, the driver will ask you to move forward. You will feel more and more “lighter” as you are being suppo
At no time you will have the sensation of falling. On the contrary, the take-off is a sweet and magical moment …The only thing you’ll need to think about is how much fun you’re having, and…well we can’t tell you everything!
You’ll need between 1h to 1h30 to complete the activity.

Where should people who are accompanying me go?

They can’t see both the takeoff and landing. It would be much nicer for them to see you land and get first hand all your feedback from what you just experienced and see the huge smile on your face !
We advise you to go see the beautiful takeoff site to another time of day. You can see the view from the hostel Sonchaux which is behind the parking area and accessible by car.
Allow twenty minutes of walking from the hostel to the take-off site. (This stretch of road is reserved solely to the professional shuttles).

Am I accompanied by an instructor?

Yes of course. You’ll be taken care of by a professional paraglider tandem pilot who is qualified.

Do the instructors have a degree?

Absolutely ! The instructors are all certified by the Swiss Federation of free flight, FSVL. They all have great experience flying solo and tandem.

At what age went paragliding is it appropriate?

As soon as your child asks! From the age of 5 years children are very receptive to the pleasure of flying like birds. Parental consent is still required for children under 14. The legal representative must sign an authorization form before the activity.
For you older people, how about following in Aunt Jeane’s footsteps. She decided to celebrate her 96th birthday with a flight. So why not give it a shot, you’ll be happy you did!

What if I have the motion sickness?

Very few people suffer from this. If you easily get car sick then it is best that you choose a morning flight because the conditions in the air are very calm at this time of day.
However, if you feel a little “spun” let your monitor know and he’ll adapt his maneuvering.

Is there a weight limit?

For children who are rather light, it is better to fly in the morning because the wind conditions are calm and there’s not as much wind.
Conversely we advise people weighing “over 95 kg” to opt for a flight in the afternoon.
For people weighing over 135 kg, please indicate at the time of booking.

If I have a disability, is it possible to fly?

Yes of course, please make sure to notify upon booking and registration so that we can prepare the best options and the most favorable techniques to make your flight enjoyable.
Oui bien sûr, il faudra en revanche nous en informer au moment de l’inscription afin que nous puissions vous proposer le créneau et les techniques les plus favorables pour vous faciliter l’envol.
We also have the ability to fly with wheelchairs.

Why come to the Riviera, Montreux, Villeneuve to go paragliding?

The Riviera is a magical place that has a unique microclimate with an amazing panorama which makes this activity set apart. Taking off from the Sonchaux pasture we will fly over Lake Leman and its magical colors.

Can I bring a camera during the flight?

No problem, just bring a safety link for the device.

How long is a flight?

This is a question that is difficult to answer precisely to the extent that there is no engine. The average flight time is about 20 minutes.
La moyenne de vol est de 20 minutes (give or take 5 to 10 minutes depending on the updrafts). What time of the year does one go paragliding ?
Paragliding is practiced year round in dry weather, both during the week and on Saturdays and Sundays. Dates must be booked in advance but please don’t hesitate to contact us for last minute bookings.

Where is the meeting point?

The place of meeting is at Pré des Fourches à 1845 Noville (close to Montreux). There’s available parking at Fly-Xperience which is located between Lidl and McDonald’s at 1844 Villeneuve.

Is paragliding is a dangerous sport?

No, paragliding is not considered a “risky” sport” but it can be if it’s practiced in extreme or unsuitable conditions. 
The pilots who accompany you are competent and responsible drivers whose sole concern is your enjoyment and safety.

What you should know.

For both your safety and ours, paragliding and delta may be canceled if weather conditions are not optimal.
You must be in possession of insurance against non-occupational accident and if you don’t have one, it’s possible to get one on site for CHF 20.- .

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